How to fight a sore throat

We have all felt it. That scratchy and itchy feeling we all get but try to ignore. The one that we know will inevitably lead to a cold, flu or cough. “It’s Nothing” we say. It will go away. Until of course that night when we are trying to go to sleep, and, like clockwork, the pain and discomfort intensifies and brings with it all the regular players along with it. Runny nose, headaches, sensitive skin, moody disposition and all-in-all, a lousy feeling altogether.

The choice

Do we ride it out and go to work or school while trying to hide and supress the symptoms using Over The Counter meds and treatments? Do we even care that by doing this, we are passing around the germs and encouraging others to also get sick. Or do we stay at home and rely on the drowsy sleepy meds that will leave us comatose on the couch under a blanket for 5 days. Today people are worried for their jobs. We live in a highly stressful world that doesn’t allow for sick days and imperfections, so we pummel though it and hope for the best.

What we already know

We already know that a soar throat is the symptom of an infection or virus that our bodies aren’t able to shake off. We know that as soon as we feel the scratchy throat, while we try to convince ourselves otherwise, will infact turn ugly by bed time. We have always heard that the trick is to catch it early, in which case we can flush it out before it gets a real hold of us.

What can be done

We can start to take it more seriously first of all. It is absolutely imperative to catch it early if we are going to flush it out quickly and get on with our lives. The problem is most people don’t know what to do, even if it is caught nice and early. People go to the pharmacy and buy cough syrups and suppressants, only to be knocked out for the night and feeling even worse in the morning. But detection is definitely the right start. What needs to be done upon detection is preparation for combat.

STEP 1 – Raw Honey

Unpasteurized honey has unbelievable medicinal properties. It is naturally anti bacterial, anti viral and anti microbial. It reduces inflammation and supports and boosts immunity response. Honey has been used for several millennia as a cure for the common cold, allergies, and general immune functionality improvements. Take 1 spoonful 3 times per day. This will also help sooth the physical discomfort while preparing for a battle

STEP 2 – Fight the bacteria

There are some fantastic anti bacterial, anti microbial and anti viral supplements out there that really work. This is where you can have serious impact on the time it takes to recover, if the bacteria actually win the battle, and you get sick. Echinaccea, Golden Seal, Oil of Oregano, Allicin, Zinc, Vitamin D and Vitamin C will all help in shortening the lifespan of the cold, and has even been known to even work overnight, leaving the client with no symptoms by morning.

STEP 3 –Hydration

Stay completely hydrated. Water and tea are by far the best options. The more we drink, the more we pee, the more toxins we are able to flush out of the body. If we are going to fight this thing, then it’s really important to provide our body with what it needs t win the battle. Liquids are on of these things. Drink, pee, repeat!

STEP 4 – Recovery

Allow yourself this time to recover. Rest, sleep and de-stress. These 3 little steps will speed up your recovery and get you on your way Our bodies are bing forced to deal with external elements all day, every day. Take this time to allow your body to simply be a body. Encourage it to rest and recover while also reducing the stress that may have been a variable in why your body wasn’t able to fight the original infection in the first place

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