How lose weight as a man?

Men’s weight loss is different from women’s weight loss. It is fuelled by different insecurities and it is triggered by different events. Women have almost unlimited resources when it comes to weight loss. There are groups, programs, clubs, TV shows, magazines, online challenges, support networks, self help books, and the list goes on and on. Men, on the other hand, are left to their own devices, and most often, not willing to talk to friends or join a support group.

Effects of Obesity in Men

The list of complications that effect men struggling with obesity is endless. Beyond some of the particulars like Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure and back problems, there are 5 things with which Obese men seem to be mostly concerned;

· Low sex drive

· Poor self esteem

· Lack of Energy

· Feelings of inadequacy

· Inability to self care

How to lose weight fast

This is the first mistake most people make. Consider how many years it took to get to your current weight. Don’t rush to take it off. Take it slowly, and do it right. If you can lose 2 pounds per week, you will have lost over 100 pounds by this this time, next year.


Without a doubt the first step in losing weight is getting rid of all the junk food in your home. Not having it around is as good a deterrent as any in the fight against obesity. This is a hard step, so plan ahead. Consider what you will be doing to help fight the cravings, especially in the first few days. There isn’t a fat guy in the world that can have 3 Chocolate covered almonds, and then stop. So the trick is not to start in the first place. Break free from the first bite, and you won’t even have to think about the second bite.


Load up on a lot of fruits. There are some weight loss “experts” that will try to tell you eating bananas and too much fruit will make you fat. Reading this, you know as well as I do, that the banana or Orange or bowl of grapes you are using to replace a chocolate bar, is not going to be what makes you fat. Replacing sugar and fat laden snacks with fruit is absolutely a great step in the right direction towards making healthy food choices, and losing weight.


Vegetables have very few calories and are packed with water, vitamins, and minerals. They are nutrient dense foods that will help fill you up, and keep you satiated longer. Loading up on vegetables before eating the main course is a great trick to ensure you don’t over eat.

Taste your food for longer

Have you ever noticed that the more you like a food, the faster you gobble it down? This doesn’t make any sense. Doesn’t it make more sense that it you like a food so much, you would want to slow it down and enjoy it for longer? Slow down and enjoy every single bite. Be mindful of the flavours and textures. If you are a real lover of food, then take a minute to enjoy it. Give your brain an opportunity to recognise that you are eating.

Avoid Calorie Dense Snacks

Almonds, Coconuts, Cashews, Dark Chocolate…These are just a few of the trendy superfoods that are becoming popular among health nuts. The problem is that these foods are loaded with fat and calories. While they are good fats, it is important o understand that even good fats can make us fat. Now is not the time to be experimenting with high fat health foods. Now is the time to lose weight, and having cashews and raw almonds around your home can have you grabbing a couple of handfuls of almonds, in a flash, which will immediately add about 500 calories and 100 grams of fat to your day. Seeds and nuts are healthy foods that should be avoided until you have had your weight under control for a couple of years.

One last thought

Think about some of your favourite foods. Think about how they taste. Now, consider this. The next time you have that hamburger or chips or chocolate bar, know that you will experience absolutely NOTHING new from it. It will be the exact same experience as last time. You owe yourself a new experience, and a better, longer life.

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