Get rid of acne quickly and naturally

Acne has been the preverbial thorn in a teenager’s side since the beginning of time. Small, often painful, and likely embarrassing pimples have plagued the faces of teems everywhere, as far back as the history books keep records. While acne is part of the human condition, and has been forever, it seems companies are hell bent on making sure you believe in their ad campaigns. The promise of perfect skin, just like the air brushed supermodel on the magazine cover.

The Lie

The problem is none of their solutions really work. Washes, lotions, potions, soaps, creams and more. Teens will do anything to get rid of an unwanted zit, however what is happening is skin is being burned by harsh, sometimes toxic chemicals. Teens are washing their faces with Isopropyl alcohol in the hopes of drying out their skin. The skin is not being given a chance to heal itself naturally. What else is to expected though? The ads clearly state that Acne can be controlled by buying their products. Who wouldn’y believe that, especially when deep in the throws of a bad outbreak.

The Truth

Powered by hormones, stress and environmental exposure, acne is your body’s way of cleansing itself by carrying out old dead skin cells to the surface of the skin. Our bodies react to these dead cells by creating a small immunity response which manifests itself as a disgusting puss filled pimple. The skin then gets inflamed and puss is formed to work as a vehicle to carry the toxins out of the body.

The Social Element

It is true that virtually everybody will encounter a battle with acne at some point in their lives. The problem is that having a common problem does not alleviate the self esteem and anxiety that can go hand in hand with an acne breakout. I distinctly remember kids in my high school that were really struggling with it, and would not attend classes because they were totally immobilized by their anxiety and low self esteem.

Is there a better way?

How is someone suffering through a common Acne breakout supposed to deal with it then? If left untreated, it can get worse, and if too much attention is focussed on it, then scarring and infections can occur. If Acne is an inflammatory and bacterial response, then allowing the zits to do their job of cleansing our body of dead skin cells is our first order of business, and it can be done easily and effectively using these 3 easy steps.

STEP 1 – Cleanliness

Keeping your skin as clean as possible is a common sense, but often ignored, tool that will help keep acne under control. Try keeping hands away from face. Our hands carry all types of bacteria and germs. Once on contact with the skin on our faces, we are only making it harder to fight the bacteria trying to make it’s way out of the body. Wash your face gently wit soap and water, and provide your skin with a clean home.

STEP 2 – Go COCO for Coconut oil

While this step sounds completely crazy, it is unbelievably effective in managing Common Acne. Pure Virgin Coconut oil is naturally anti bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Any person struggling with acne is going to be hesitant to try this tip, as putting oil on acne infested skin seems counter intuitive. In only 2 days, there will be a significant reduction in redness, discomfort and overall acne.

STEP 3 – Probiotics

There is a direct correlation between skin health and gut bacteria. Bad gut bacteria effects our immune system which is, in fact, the fuel behind Common Acne. Introducing a good quality multi strain probiotic will help the body fight infection and strengthen the immune system thereby keeping skin young, vibrant and healthy.

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