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By adding simple and minor changes to my life almost every week for 1 year, 10 years ago, I changed my entire life  trajectory.  After over a decade living in chronic pain, 4 spinal surgeries,  10 years of opiate addiction, and a foreseeable life in a wheelchair, I am now stronger and healthier both mentally and physically then I have ever been. I live pain free, drug free and wheelchair free. The best part is that it was so easy. It was just a matter of setting a plan in motion, and sticking to it.


Beyond pain, I have freed myself of the limitations set out by my ADHD, Seasonal allergies, and I have even developed a strategy in dealing with Anxiety disorders, both my own and those of others. I continue on my journey still to this day, and I look forward to seeing where it takes me next.


Now living in The Greater Toronto area with my supportive wife and 4 beautiful kids, my time is spent helping people get their lives back under control. Whether it's weight loss, chronic pain, anxiety or Crohn's Disease, my approach is simple, and because it's designed to bring lasting change, it's also fun. That's how I keep you hooked.


Through a series of attainable and realistic changes, you can transform your entire life and create a new healthy reality for yourself.

"Jason is so high energy"

"His ideas are real and fun"

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Jason is very professional and pleasant to work with. As a busy realtor, I am always working around the clock. Jason was able to analyze my food intake and recommend  how to improve my diet so that I can continue being productive. Im very happy with his knowledge and outstanding friendly attitude. I will recommend his services

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Jason is not just very knowledgeable about health and nutrition, but one of the most enthusiastic and energetic people I've met. He is always exploring ways to improve himself, not only professionally, also physically, finding new ways to challenge his body and mind. He is always open to answer questions and educate others that need guidance toward good nutrition and well being. Thank you Jason for your valuable contribution to the community.

Vadim Vilensky, Vaughan, On

Sandra Rencazzi, Vaughan, On

If it comes from a plant, it is likely good for you, if it was made in a plant, then it is likely not

Looking for a Nutritionist who thinks outside the box? Whether it's to talk about Local Raw honey or dealing with your chronic pain, I can help. Whereas a Dietician may focus on sickness and illness, as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I deal with Wellness and Longevity. We will go to the core of the problem and fix it permanently, from the inside out, with easy to follow, realistic changes that will get you healthy and  and have you staying healthy.


I like to focus on Longevity and quality of life, because what good is longevity if you can't enjoy it. I have a unique approach to anxiety and I have been helping those with ADHD for many years. Teens, Families, Couples, Corporate and Personal clients all enjoy my energetic and unique approach to motivation, education and inspiration.


I want to help you change your life and take control of your future.

"He Motivates me"

"Totally inspirational"

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Quite simply, Jason changed mine & my family's lives. Through his personalized, common-sense approach, we have all changed our eating habits for the better. We all were given recommendations based on our individual needs, and are able to follow them anytime & anywhere. And we all feel better for it, along with being able to make informed decisions every day. Can't thank Jason enough! :)

Laurie Conn Zuckerman, Toronto, On

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You know when someone says 'That guy really knows his stuff!' This guy REALLY KNOWS HIS STUFF! Jason is the real deal. He understands lifestyles and behaviours and knows how to compensate for them.  I've lost weight, and enjoy to eat healthier which has boosted my energy for performance and day to day work functions mentally. It's not rocket science...but we all think it has to be! Thanks Jason!

Mark Wolfstadt

Thornhill, On

"Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food"

Hippocrates - The Father of Modern medicine

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